Home Improvement Loan Program

If you qualify, our home improvement loans have no interest and no monthly payments. In most situations, you’ll pay back the loan when you move from the home or when you refinance the property.

What can you use it for? Just about anything that makes your home safer or more energy efficient. Things like:

Replacing a roof. Plumbing or electrical work. Accommodating a resident’s physical disability. Correcting building code violations.

If you’re interested in applying or would like more information contact us and one of our project managers will give you a call to talk about your plans and review the eligibility requirements with you.

Septic System Financial Assistance Programs

If you’re a homeowner with a failing septic system, we can help. Through a partnership with Washington County, we have loan and grant funds available to help rural residents update their noncompliant subsurface sewage treatment systems.

Detailed information and application materials can be found on the Washington County website. Or give CDA project manager Kristen Scobie a call at 651-379-9358 and let her help you with your questions about applying.

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Split Level Remodeling

About 15 years ago, Robert Gerloff Residential Architects solicited comments from homeowners about what they liked, disliked, and would change about their 1960’s or 70’s split-level or split-entry house.

Based on these comments, Gerloff developed a number of remodeling plans designed to overcome some of the structural obstacles that often make split-level homes less desirable to homebuyers.

To this day, it remains one of our most popular homeowner resources, as owners and buyers alike look for solutions to cramped kitchens, too-small bedrooms, and a lack of openness in floor plans and layouts.

“Over 30 percent of Washington County’s housing stock is some type of split-level or split-entry,” said Barbara Dacy, Executive Director of the Washington County CDA.

“The planbook offers homeowners and potential buyers great remodeling ideas that can improve the livability, curb appeal, and long-term market value of their home.”

Download your copy here, or stop by our office in Woodbury to pick one up today!