Update (8/2/18)

Due to temporary fluctuations in staffing, and to ensure that we can continue to provide top-notch service to our existing clients, we are not currently accepting new clients seeking foreclosure counseling services.

Fortunately, there are a number of highly-qualified agencies whose counselors have all the necessary certifications and have graciously agreed to assist us during this transition. Thank you to the following partners! Please contact them using the information below:

LSS: (888) 577-2227

NeighborWorks Home Partners: (651) 292-8710

Those seeking service can also visit the Minnesota Homeownership Center’s website, where you’ll find a searchable directory of agencies near you that can help with foreclosure prevention.

Thank you for your understanding during this transition!


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Refinance Counseling

The opportunity to lower your interest rate through refinancing can mean extra money in your pocket each month and real long-term savings over the course of your mortgage. Our homeownership counselors will work with you for free, and can help you navigate your options, compare the terms, and give you a clear understanding of what a lower interest rate can mean for your finances.